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Posted By: Wildwire Wanaka - 07 Mar, 2018

Posted on: March 5th 2018
Written by: Two Sundowners

We came to New Zealand for three months because Lukas fell in love with Wanaka when he traveled here in 2015. We wanted to stay the whole three months in Wanaka, but the rental situation is pretty dire and we only managed one month. But that was plenty of time to explore the area and enjoy. Definitely enough to give you a comprehensive guide on what to do in Wanaka and its marvelous surroundings. Last week we brought to you the must-dos in Wanaka, this week it’s all about the coolest outdoor activities:

If you follow us for a while already you know that we love climbing. While traveling we hardly ever get to do it. We just couldn’t manage to carry our equipment with us on planes. So we just sometimes check out the local climbing gyms… or we do Via Ferrata aka Klettersteigs! Whooho, those are actually so awesome! The area around Wanaka and Queenstown is beyond beautiful and we were so stoked to find a company that offers a Via Ferrata close to Wanaka.

You love being exposed and want something more adventurous than a hike? But you are not yet ready for let’s say… skydiving? Then you should definitely try out a Via Ferrata. The super cool guys from Wild Wire Wanaka picked us up in Wanaka in the morning and drove us to their own private route. It goes along a majestic waterfall – already an experience by itself.

Wild Wire Wanaka offer three versions, a beginners one an intermediate and a long one that brings you all the way to the top of the mountain – from where you’ll be carried down again by helicopter. The climb brings you over shaky bridges, iron steps and always continues by and across the waterfall. So cool! I wouldn’t know anyone I would not recommend this to – except if you are reaaaally afraid of heights!

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