The Ultimate Waterfall Adventure

Join us on the highest waterfall via ferrata in the world.

Choose from 1 of our 3 climbs: Our easiest climb “Go Wild” is one of those great Wanaka activities that’s fun and easy to do with the family, our Intermediate climb “Wild Thing” is perfect for those looking for a bit more adventure and our advanced climb “Lord of the Rungs” is the highest waterfall via ferrata in the world and includes a return via helicopter and is definitely one of the most spectacular things to do in New Zealand.

Your Climb Starts Here!

Choosing your climb.

Go Wild is our shortest and easiest climb, including approximately 1hr of climbing and is achievable by nearly everyone. If you can climb a ladder then you can do it.

Wild Thing continues on from Go Wild and adds around another 2 hours of climbing. It is steeper, more exposed and longer. Technically, it is similar to Go Wild, but it is higher off the ground and there are a few more steep sections to climb.

Lord of the Rungs is our advanced climb, it adds another 1-2 hours more climbing after completing Wild Thing and includes going behind a 60m waterfall, an overhang, and a Helicopter descent. Good fitness and a sense of adventure are a must for Lord of the Rungs.

What is Via Ferrata?

On all three climbs you will be supported by our trained guides and secured with safety equipment the whole time. You will be climbing our purpose built via ferrata system.

Via ferrata literally means ‘iron road’. Originally used In WW1 to help transport troops across steep mountain ranges. We secure ourselves to a steel cable and climb using iron rungs, pegs, bridges and ladders. This system allows us to climb right next to the waterfall and into areas that are otherwise inaccessible. The best thing is, you need no climbing experience to enjoy a via ferrata. If you can climb a ladder, you will be OK.

Wildwire Activity Map - Wanaka Via Ferrata