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Be Prepared

  • No climbing experience required.
  • Sturdy walking shoes are required.
  • Active wear is recommended. Dress for the weather.
  • If you can climb a ladder and walk on hilly terrain for up to 2 hours then you’ll be OK.
  • Open all year round.
  • Bring small cameras at your own risk. GoPro attachments available on some helmets.
  • Bring snacks if you tend to get hungry.


COVID-19 Update - How are we keeping you safe?

We are extremely fortunate to be able to continue operating in COVID Level 1 and 2 and we couldn't think of a better place to breathe in the fresh air, soak up some sunshine and simply get away into the wilderness for some good old fashioned FUN!

To continue to be able to provide a safe and healthy experience for everyone, those who have any cold or flu symptoms, including fever and sore throat will not be permitted to join the tour. We will cancel any persons who do not pass our screening.  

Some of the additional measures we are undertaking are:

  • We are screening all climbers to ensure they are not ill before they start the trip
  • We provide hand sanitizer prior and after the tour
  • Keeping safe distances in open air at all times
  • Travel to the waterfall in separate vehicle. Self-drive only.

Full refunds will be given to those who are unable to climb with us due to illness, who have given us a minimum of 24 hours notice of cancellation. 

Where can I find your current deals and promotions?

We are currently offering some amazing deals for ALL Kiwis! 

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What clothing should I wear in the winter?

On cold days, staying warm is the most important thing when considering what to wear. The best way to do this is to dress in layers.

Clothes designed for outdoor/ exercise are best. Polypropylene, Thermal, Quick-dry, and Wool are all good choices.  If you can, avoid cotton. Cotton, when wet makes you colder. If in doubt, bring more, you can always leave layers at the bottom or put them in your pack if you don't need them. 

Example of Recommended Clothing:

- Head: Thin hat to fit under your helmet
- Hands: Polypro gloves (not ski gloves)
- Top Layer 1: Polypro or thermal top
- Top Layer 2: Mid-weight fleece
- Top Layer 3: Insulated layer such as a thin synthetic down jacket or fleece jacket.
- Top Layer 4: Waterproof layer
- Bottom Layer 1: Polypro or thermal Bottoms
- Bottom Layer 2: Trekking pants or shorts
- Feet: Warm sock and hiking boots or running shoes

If it is forecasted to rain on the day, you may also want to bring extra gloves and a change of clothes for when you finish your climb.

Can I book last minute?

We will do our best to accommodate last minute bookings. Please call  0800 WILDWIRE or email to confirm any booking within 12 hours of departure. 

Do you offer group discounts? 


You can check out our deals here!

Should i join the waiting list? How does it work?

Absolutely! By letting us know you are keen to join that tour, we will either endeavor to open up some more spaces for that trip, or let you know other alternate options we can offer. We will always get back to you regardless and do our best to accommodate when possible!

What do I bring?

First of all, bring your sense of adventure!

Make sure to wear sturdy shoes with some grip and clothes suitable for the weather on the day (See WHAT CLOTHING SHOULD I WEAR IN WINTER if you are unsure about how to dress on cold days). Please bring a rain jacket if weather requires. 

Here is a list of other items you may wish to bring along:
- small backpack
- a water bottle
- small camera
- sunglasses
- sun protection (hat and sun block) 
- something to swim in (if you love cold water!)
- a small towel (if you plan to dunk yourself in the waterfall) 
- extra snacks etc if you are feeling hungry. 

What will be provided on the trip?
We will provide:
- Your guide and training
- Helmets, harness, via ferrata lanyard and safety equipment

What can i expect on the day?

Expect loads of fun, an amazing adventure and incredible scenery on all tours. You will be briefed on safety and via ferrata systems before you start by your guide. Be prepared for walking up and down trails that are steep in sections. On the via ferrata, you will be climbing ladder rungs that run next to the waterfall and crossing bridges over the waterfall. You will be required to clip and unclip your via ferrata lanyard along the way. You will not get wet, however, you may get your feet wet at times. There are opportunities to swim in hidden pools and picnic along the way. The activity is not difficult, however you will be required to climb up ladder rungs. On the trek your feet will be mainly on solid ground, however, you will be required to use via ferrata safety systems in some places. Please note: There is limited cell phone coverage at the waterfall

What are your minimum numbers?

The trip must reach a minimum number of 2 to run. If your tour is cancelled due to minimum number we will do our best to reschedule you at a time that suits. If this is not possible, we will refund your tour.

Can I drive myself out to the waterfall? Where can I park?

Please Note: In Level 1 - Self Drive is the Only Option.

The waterfall is located approximately a 20 minute drive from Wanaka with plenty of parking.  The waterfall is the gateway to the Mt Aspiring National Park and the Rob Roy Glacier track, with Roys Peak walk, Diamond Lake, Glendhu Bay, and the Rippon Winery all in close proximity.

A 4WD or snow chains are not needed as we are on the main road and it is tarcealed all the way, with plenty of parking for campervans also! 

If you do not have not have your own transport, please contact us for pickup options. 




Travelling from Queenstown?

If you are travelling from Queenstown on the day of your climb, please allow at least 2 hours for the journey to allow for road closures, slow traffic, and weather conditions. The tour will not wait for you!

If you are travelling by bus, Ritchies Transport run a daily service in the morning and afternoon.

What are the differences between the climbs?

Go Wild is our shortest and easiest climb, including approximately 1hr of climbing and is achievable by nearly everyone. If you can climb a ladder then you can do it. 

Wild Thing continues on from Go Wild and adds around another 2 hours of climbing. It is steeper, more exposed and longer. Technically, it isn’t much harder than Go Wild, but it is higher off the ground.

Lord of the Rungs is our advanced climb, it add around 1-2 hours more climbing after completing Wild Thing and includes going behind a 60m waterfall, an overhang and a Helicopter descent. Good fitness and a sense of adventure is required for this climb.

What grades are the 3 climbs?


Our rating system is based on the international grading system (below.)



Straightforward path, but exposed. Plenty of climbing aids, possible short ladders. Challenging walking rather than climbing. Sure-footedness and a good head for heights are the main requirements.


Moderately Difficult

Some steep terrain, smaller footholds, but climbing aids provided. Longer ladders possible. Essentially protected but exposed scrambling. Some use of arms.



Steep to very steep rock, adequate climbing aids, long ladders possible (or even briefly overhanging). Good fitness and some arm strength required.


Very Difficult

Very steep to vertical, maybe short/well aided overhanging sections, mainly very exposed. Some climbing aids but often wire rope only. Strong arms and hands required.


Extremely Difficult

Vertical to overhanging; consistently exposed; very small footholds or friction climbing, usually no climbing aids other than the wire. Sustained arm strength required. Easier sections may be unprotected.

Can I upgrade on the day?

Depending on guide availability and climber ability, you may be able to upgrade your climb on the day.  If you think this may be an option for you, please let us know when you book and we will look to accommodate this if possible. Please note upgrades are not always guaranteed.

Upgrade Go Wild to Wild Thing – $50.00 per person
Upgrade Wild Thing to Lord of the Rungs – $200.00 per person

Will food be provided?

We recommend eating a good breakfast or lunch before your climb, as it may be up to 4 hours of climbing until we reach our lunch spot. 

PLEASE NOTE: We do not include snacks or water on our tours.  You can order a delicious deli made gourmet panini sandwich and brownie separately at the time of booking, or by contacting us for an additional $15 per person. 

You are also welcome to BYO, the choice is yours! 

Are there any age or height/weight restrictions?

  • Minimum age on our group departures is 10 years on Go Wild and  12 years on Wild Thing.  Please contact us to discuss further, sometimes we can make exceptions for active and confident children.
  • Minimum again for Lord of the Rungs is 15.
  • If you are under 16, you must climb our via ferrata with an adult guardian.
  • For adventurous children under 9 a private tour may be an option. Please ring us to discuss.
  • All minors (16 years and under) require and adult guardian’s signature on their waiver. There are no upper age limits to this activity.
  • Minimum height requirements to climb the waterfall is 120cm.
  • Our minimum weight requirement is 25kgs. 
  • There are no maximum height restrictions.
  • Our harnesses are rated to a maximum of 120kgs, and we recommend those over 100kg have good strength and general fitness. 
  • The maximum waist measurements for our harnesses are 100cm, and leg loops 70cm. 


What if it is raining on the day?

Rain generally does not effect the running of our tours. If rain is forecast, please come prepared with a rain jacket and study shoes / boots. We will provide gloves.

In the event of cancellation due to heavy rain, we will aim to contact you the day before your climb and discuss further options with you. If you don’t hear from us, we are good to go! Please meet us at the confirmed time as planned.

Sometimes the weather is such that if you are booked on Lord of the Rungs the helicopter can not fly. In these cases, if you start the climb and the helicopter is cancelled, we will charge only for the Wild Thing and refund the rest.

Can I climb the waterfall without a guide? 

No. Our via ferrata ia a commercially run tour only, and is located on private land. Any persons accessing the land without permission will be presented with a trespass order. You can book a tour with us online however if you wish to explore the waterfall, it is an amazing trip and we would love to take you up there! 

Can I buy a gift voucher?

Yes! You can guy a voucher for any of our climbs. 

Simply click on the climb you wish to buy, and chose the GIFT CARD option underneath the booking calendar. You will have 12 months to use the voucher, and you can also add money to the voucher and upgrade your climb also! 

Do you provide photo packages?

No. Our number 1 focus remain on our guests safety first. While the guides seem relaxed and easy going, they are constantly ensuring that everyone is clipping properly. They are focused and monitoring energy levels of people as they climb, assessing how everyone is coping, watching for changes in weather and environment, and offering any encouragement where needed. 
For this reason, we do not ask our guides to take photos or videos as part of their role. We are happy for them to take a few photos if the group is strong, however we do not want this to be their main focus.  Not everyone is comfortable up high, and while our system is very safe, we still must remember that we are operating in a mountain environment and need our guides to be focused on safety the entire time. 
Our clients are encouraged to take their own photos and we also have GoPro mounts on our helmets. 

Can I climb if I am pregnant?

Our pregnancy policy allows those who are up to 12 weeks pregnant to climb with us. 

Booking Terms & Conditions


We require full payment to reserve a position on a trip.


Prices are in New Zealand dollars and must be settled in New Zealand dollars. All prices are subject to change.

  • Booking is confirmed once fee is paid.
  • Please check your emails the day before your trip, or give us a call to confirm departure time.
  • We reserve the right to cancel trips if the minimum number of 2 is not reached.
  • We reserve the right to cancel if weather or any other situation should demand this and a full refund will be given.
  • Cancellations or changes within 10 days may incur a NZ$50.00 cancellation fee.
  • No refunds will apply to cancellations within 48hrs of the departure date
  • Our trips DEPART at the designated trip time.
  • No refund will be given for late arrivals.
  • No refund will be given if you choose to, or do not have the ability to complete your booked climb. You are able to downgrade, but no refund will be given.
  • Some promotional bookings may be totally non-refundable, this will be clearly identified in that booking section
We've got your back
All our guides have your back. With 20+ years’ experience, our guides have scaled the world’s greatest heights, led climbers at the base of Everest to the top of Mt Aspiring and almost everywhere in between. Safety first is second nature to us in all respects!
"You can definitely feel 100% safe"

TripAdvisor Review,  Ylva E.

"The equipment and the wire/steel infrastructure are all top notch and we always felt in control and very safe. If you want a unique and exhilarating adventure option in Wanaka, this is the one to do.

TripAdvisor Review, 434DIT.

1. Safety Clips
2. Helmet
3. Day Pack
4. Harness
5. Water Bottle
6. Sturdy Footwear
7. Rungs
1. Safety Clips
We use purpose built Via Ferrata lanyards and carabiners. These are specifically for use in climbing Via Ferrata structures and are thus built to the highest safety standards. You will be taught how to use these properly during your training session prior to your climb.
2. Helmet
Our helmets are comfortable and adjustable to fit all different sizes. They are sourced from reputable climbing equipment companies which are bound by the highest possible safety standards. All our safety equipment is regularly checked to ensure that you have the best gear available.
3. Day Pack
If you wish you can bring a small Back Pack with you. You certainly don't need to though and your guide can carry an additional warm layer if you feel you need it.
4. Harness
Our harnesses are comfortable and adjustable to fit all different sizes. They are sourced from reputable climbing equipment companies which are bound by the highest possible safety standards. All our safety equipment is regularly checked to ensure that you have the best gear available.
5. Water Bottle
We recommend that you bring a bottle of water with you. It is important that this bottle is either in a back pack, or clipped securely to your harness while climbing. You can drink the water from the waterfall but this is at your own risk. (We operate in a working farm) There are water bottles with clips available for purchase at our office.
6. Sturdy Footwear
Please wear sturdy footwear with some tread on it. You can wear running style shoes or hiking boots, which ever you prefer. The most important factor is having some grip, primarily for the descent. Please, no street shoes and absolutely no opened toed sandals. Participants with opened toed footwear will not be permitted to climb the waterfall.
7. Rungs
Our rungs and other equipment has been built to the highest possible safety standard. It has been independently assessed and tested by an engineers and we are audited for safety every 12 months. We have acheived GOLD status for Qualmark which can only be attained with the highest standards nationally.